Payday 3 Vault Codes, Explained

In Payday 3, you’ll encounter various vaults or safes that may be part of your main objective or an optional secondary objective. The contents of these safes and vaults often contain valuables, allowing you to buy out the in-game shop’s wares with ease. Opening these vaults will typically require a code of sorts that must […]

Best Gadgets in Payday 3

To be the perfect heister, one must make good use of the tools offered in Payday 3. Nearly every tool has a use in the game, but some have more universal applications than others. It is those universal gadgets that see the most use and are considered the best in the game. If you want […]

Payday 3 not working on PS5 – How to fix

It isn’t uncommon for a new game like Payday 3 to come out and not work properly. The game unfortunately launched with many issues and is in a questionable state on the PS5. There have been reports of the game simply not launching on the console, which is frustrating to players attempting to load in […]

How to farm cash fast in Payday 3

Cash is king in Payday 3 just as much as in real life. Almost everything costs money, so you’ll want to get your hands on as much of it as possible. Luckily, there’s a mission I’ve encountered that is quick and mostly painless for earning cash in abundance. Here’s how you can farm some cash […]