Vortex Vanquisher – How to get, Ascension, stats, and who can use it in Genshin Impact

It's not the best, but it can still be really useful when paired with the right characters.

Vortex Vanquisher is a Genshin Impact five-star polearm that increases Shield Strength and offers an Attack increase based on the number of hits a wielder makes, making it a highly niche weapon beneficial to a select few. I generally don't recommend pulling for the Vortex Vanquisher because there are a ton of more universal polearm options in the game. But if you pulled this weapon by accident, it can still be useful. Here's everything you need to know about it.

How to get Vortex Vanquisher in Genshin Impact

Vortex Vanquisher is a limited weapon that can only be obtained whenever it's featured on rate-up in the Epitome Invocation banner, which you can pull on using Primogems and Intertwined Fates. As such, you need to wait for it to rotate and chart an Epitomized Path to guarantee Vortex Vanquisher at the third pity.

Genshin Impact Vortex Vanquisher stats

  • Base Attack: 46 to 608
  • Substat: Attack (10.8 to 49.6%)
  • Passive: Golden Majesty
    • Increases Shield Strength by 20/25/30/35/40%. Scoring hits on opponents increases Attack by 4/5/6/7/8% for eight seconds. Max five stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. While protected by a shield, this Attack increase effect is increased by 100%.

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Genshin Impact Vortex Vanquisher Ascension Cost & Materials

Below are all the Ascension materials necessary to raise Vortex Vanquisher to Ascension level six, which can be farmed from the following sources:

  • Insignias: Treasure Hoarders all over Teyvat
  • Bone Shards: Geovishaps in Liyue and Bathysmal Vishaps in Enkanomiya
  • Aerosiderite: Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula (Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)

Ascension Phase One

x10,000 Mora

x3 Treasure Hoarder Insignia

x5 Fragile Bone Shard

x5 Grain of Aerosiderite

Ascension Phase Two

x20,000 Mora

x12 Treasure Hoarder Insignia

x18 Fragile Bone Shard

x5 Piece of Aerosiderite

Ascension Phase Three

x30,000 Mora

x9 Silver Raven Insignia

x9 Sturdy Bone Shard

x9 Piece of Aerosiderite

Ascension Phase Four

x45,000 Mora

x14 Silver Raven Insignia

x18 Sturdy Bone Shard

x5 Bit of Aerosiderite

Ascension Phase Five

x55,000 Mora

x9Golden Raven Insignia

x14 Fossilized Bone Shard

x9 Bit of Aerosiderite

Ascension Phase Six

x65,000 Mora

x18 Golden Raven Insignia

x27 Fossilized Bone Shard

x6 Chunk of Aerosiderite

Who can use Vortex Vanquisher in Genshin Impact?

Vortex Vanquisher has a niche use case because its Attack boost is based on the number of hits the wielder makes. Each character has different attack patterns, and this particular weapon benefits those who can score hits every 0.3 seconds. In addition, Vortex Vanquisher offers a higher Attack boost when the wielder is shielded. Characters who can use this polearm include:

Vortex Vanquisher is technically Zhongli's signature weapon, but I don't recommend giving it to him, as he pairs better with the Staff of Homa.

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Vortex Vanquisher – How to get, Ascension, stats, and who can use it in Genshin Impact

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