Lies of P Max Level, Explained

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In Lies of P, your character's progress is measured by their level. The game enables you to level up the power and strength of Pinocchio in order to survive against the toughest villains in the game. However, many players might wonder what the maximum level they can reach in the game is, and how they can reach it. Here's everything you need to know about maxing out your level in Lies of P.

What is the max level in Lies of P?

The developers of Lies of P have not officially confirmed the maximum level players can reach in the game. Based on in-game data, however, the maximum level in Lies of P is 600. After reaching the max level, you can only level each stat point, such as Vitality, Capacity, or Motivity, up to 100 points.

However, this is not officially verified and might change in the future with a simple patch. Therefore, players who want to reach the maximum level in Lies of P should focus on collecting as much Ergo as possible and spending it wisely on the stats that suit their playstyle and preferences.

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How to level up in Lies of P

How to level up in Lies of P
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To level up in Lies of P, you need Ergo, the game's primary currency. You can obtain Ergo by killing puppets, slaying bosses, or selling items. Leveling up is done by putting specific amounts of Ergo into attribute points, and you are free to choose whatever attribute you wish to apply the points to.

Once you have enough Ergo, speak to Sophia and select the Level Up option if you've reached Hotel Krat in Lies of P. Otherwise, interact with the Stargazer next to the Vendor right before the Parade Master fight.

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Lies of P Max Level, Explained

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