Best Minecraft 1.20 Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Bedrock & Java (September 2023)

Time to go swamp diving!

The Wild Update in Minecraft 1.19 introduced players to unique types of biomes and features like mangrove swamps and ancient cities. Mangrove swamps are essentially a better version of the ordinary swamps, with deeper waters, fishes, frogs, and mangrove trees with their uniquely red wood—all of which add a fresh breath of life to these biomes. If you are looking to explore new regions with this biome, check out this list of some of the best mangrove swamp seeds in Minecraft 1.19 for Java and Bedrock.

Best Minecraft 1.20 Mangrove Swamp Seeds

Mangrove Survival Island

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This seed spawns you on an island which is mostly covered by Mangrove Swamp biome, but also features a small Forest biome within. If you wish to take up the challenge of a survival island adventure with a Mangrove Swamp twist, this is the seed for you. Apart from the vegetation, you will find other items of interest like Buried Treasures, Shipwrecks, Ruined Portals, and even Fossils.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: SpawnMangrove Swamp: Spawn
Buried Treasure: -519 329Ruined Portal: -536 376
Buried Treasure: -407 329Buried Treasure: -504 200
Fossil: -352 38 66Shipwreck: -584 56
Ruined Portal: -616 392Ruin Cluster: -248 184

Mangrove Island with Temple

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This is a great seed for those who wish to take on a survival island challenge themed around Mangrove Swamps! However, the Mangroves are not the only standout feature here. Along with the abundant vegetation, you also get a Jungle Temple, Fossils, a Ruined Portal, and even a Shipwreck! The corals around the island also make it a pretty place to be stranded in!

Key Bedrock LocationsKey Java Locations
Mangrove Swamp: SpawnMangrove Swamp: Spawn
Jungle Temple: 208 352Desert Village: 368 16
Ruined Portal: -856 376Fossil: 187 42 33
Shipwreck: 264 200Shipwreck: 120 152
Fossil: 312 -24Stronghold: 1356 884

Mangrove Plains

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We have all seen mangrove swamps that stretch on for miles on end with little in between. These definitely squelch the thirst for the biome, but can often come across as lackluster due to the lack of variety. This seed begs to differ, however. With this seed, you spawn in the middle of a huge mangrove swamp, with multiple patches of Jungle and Forest biomes tucked away in its core. Owing to the flat surface of the surrounding area, this is a seed for building in and around a mangrove swamp biome!

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: SpawnMangrove Swamp: Spawn
Pillager Outpost: 288 704Pillager Outpost: 600 -584
Savanna Village: 128 944Savanna Village: 808 776
Ruined Portal:  312 168Ruined Portal:  168 280
Witch Hut: 232 -776Jungle Temple: 280 1,240

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Mangrove Forest Desert Island

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If you love mangrove forests, you'll love this seed. It spawns you on a small desert biome with a Desert Village surrounded by a Mangrove Swamp biome that stretches for thousands of blocks. It's also a great seed to get started on, as you can readily get supplies from the villagers, while staying protected under the cover of the Mangrove Swamps. If you play on Bedrock you won't find a Village at spawn, but the spawn site of this seed is unique enough to warrant a try.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Desert Village: SpawnDesert Village: 792 136
Diamond Fossil: -5 -44 -11Desert Well: 898 177
Ruined Portal: 360 40Ancient City: 392 -51 -1,384
Desert Temple: 584 -664Ruined Portal: 56 264
Buried Treasure: -215 -343Pillager Outpost: 152 456

Savanna Swamp

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This seed spawns you in between the two swamp biome types, with a Savanna island hidden inside the Mangrove Swamp section. If you play on Java, you will also see a Savanna Village that crosses over into the Mangrove Swamp adjacent to it. The terrain generation here is versatile, with a sprawling plains biome within a few blocks to the south, badlands biomes to the north, and a huge sea to the west. This seed also features tons of cave entrances that will easily take you to deep slate level, should you desire to go mining for those rare resources.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Savanna Village: SpawnSavanna Island: Spawn
Diamond Fossil: -82 -54 4Desert Village with Desert Well: 264 -984
Desert Temple: 792 -312Dual Witch Hut: -920 376
Witch Hut: -888 376Ancient City: 856 -51 1,576
Ruined Portal: 912 -416Ruined Portal: -536 168

Desert Village within Mangrove Swamp

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Seed: 2000071

This seed features a long stretch of desert biome within a Mangrove Swamp. Java players will have the advantage of getting a Desert Village with a Blacksmith as well! However, diversity is the name of the game with this seed. Players will find a Pillager Outpost to the northwest along the sandy dunes, a Plains Village to their north, a Savanna Village to the west, and another Desert Village to the south. All within a few hundred blocks from spawn.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Desert Village: SpawnDesert Village/Desert Well: 184 360
Diamond Fossil: 14 -33 -14Mineshaft: -200 104
Ruined Portal: 56 248Ruined Portal: -296 -296
Pillager Outpost: 320 -256Multiple Jungle Temples: 200 1,272
Desert Temple: 328 328Desert Temple: 104 344

Mangrove Swamp Village

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Seed: 67561815575817929

This seed spawns you in a Mangrove Swamp situated in front of a beautiful waterfall. If you're playing on Bedrock, you have the added bonus of spawning in a Mangrove Village! The Village comes with a Ruined Portal, and your spawn point will be near the mangrove swamp. A very good all-rounder seed, this one also gives you access to dripstone caves, dungeons, and pillager outposts to loot for valuable treasure.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Village: 608 80Mangrove Village: Spawn
Ancient City: -984 -51 216Ancient City: -1055 -51 105
Lush Cave: -375 -1 115Lush Cave: -375 -1 115
Dungeon: -141 -31 91Village: 216 -456
Ruined Portal: 8 280Ruined Portal: 45 10

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Mangrove Swamp Village Island

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Seed: 18858823450614215

This seed spawns you in the middle of a land surrounded by water on almost all sides. However, most importantly, it features two large Mangrove Swamp biomes on both sides of the Plains Village. The large open area in the middle has more than enough room for you to build almost anything you could wish for. Out in the ocean, an Ocean Monument, a couple of Ocean Ruins, and multiple Shipwrecks lay awaiting your perusal. If you play on Bedrock, you will also get a Ruined Portal right in the spawn location.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Plains Village: SpawnMangrove Swamps: Spawn
Mangrove Swamps: SpawnDual Witch Hut: -424 -1,304
Ocean Monument: 152 312Nether Portal: 72 40
Pillager Outpost: 16 -1,328Shipwreck: 120 -232
Nether Portal: 728 760Large Ruins: 88 -168

Mangrove Swamp near Windswept Savanna

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Seed: 15000029

The reason we picked this seed is purely due to the aesthetic that is provided by the large imposing Windswept Savanna cliff, with a gaping hole in the middle. However, beauty is not all this seed holds. Situated smack in front of the large cliff is an active Plains Village. Nearby the village, players will find a large patch of Mangrove Swamp biome. Adjacent to the Mangrove Swamp is a small patch of Swamp biome, wherein players can find a Witch Hut. Overall, the largely undulating terrain, coupled with towering cliffs, make this seed one of the prettiest ones you'll find.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: North of Spawn (+X)Mangrove Swamp: North of Spawn (+X)
Witch Hut: 536 -232Buried Treasure: -56 -56
Plains Village: 112 176Plains Village: 200 264
Ruined Portal: 120 104Ruined Portal: 200 216
Buried Treasure: -295 265Buried Treasure: 392 8

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Mangrove Swamp with Mansion

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Seed: 5454173288014282276

Not many seeds will spawn you in front of a mansion or a mangrove swamp. That's what makes this seed so unique, as it spawns you not only near a mansion (in Bedrock), but it is actually located inside a mangrove swamp. The mansion isn't in the Java version, but there are dozens of other helpful structures near the spawn, including a set of four villages a couple of hundred blocks away. You'll find lots of frogs around in this biome. In the near vicinity, you will also find lots of bamboos. So, if you wish to start a new world with a mansion at your disposal right from the get go, this is the seed for you.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: West of Spawn (-X)Mangrove Swamp: West of Spawn (-X)
Quad Villages: -600 -1100Bamboo Jungle: 28 79
Desert Village/Temple + Stronghold: 376 248Mansion: 88 360
Village: -912 112Village: -216 920
Jungle Temple: 376 248Jungle Temple: -856 -296

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