Foods to Avoid In The Evening

Foods to Avoid In The Evening

Our body has its own rhythm and we wouldn’t want to disrupt it, especially in the evening or before bedtime because this could lead to sleeping or weight problems. Therefore, read below which are the foods you should avoid eating in evening.


1). Pasta

Gluten free or not, pasta are high in calories and in carbohydrates so, if you eat them in the evening, there are chances to gain few pounds or even inches. Instead, keep them for lunch or before or after the workout.

When it comes to sleep, the opinions are divided. Some says pasta it is ok if we eat a good quality pasta, cooked with only few ingredients, and 2-3 hours prior to our bedtime, but other says that the quantity here is very important, the hour and also the sauces and other ingredients we "pair" our pasta with.

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2). Chocolate

Chocolate has sugar and also caffeine which will give you a good mood right after eating it, but will also increase your energy and cortisol level. From this to sleeping problems there's only a small step.  It’s better to avoid chocolate in the evening, and also “sugary and caffeine” products, such as cakes, pastries, soda, coffee etc.  

3). Alcohol

Alcohol is next on the list, and wine is included. Unfortunately, there are studies that show that in healthy people, drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine just before bedtime can increase sleeping problems. For examples, alcochol impairs with sleep quality and it harms REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), a part of the sleep important in dreaming, memory and learning.

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4). Red meat

No red meat in the evening, but, instead, opt for fish, chicken or poultry, but in moderate quantity and at least 2-3 hours before bed time. The problem with red meat is that it disrupts the digestion process which in fact raises the risk of constipation, hormonal imbalances and insomnia.

5). Spices

All spices can increase bloating, stomach problems, and gastro intestinal issues. After all, the term “spicy” could be translated into “something that awakens all your senses” so you wouldn’t want too much of it before bedtime.

6). Celery, red melon and other fruits and vegetables that act as a diuretic

We mentioned “celery” first because this is the most “dangerous” when it comes to “worst snacks before bedtime”. Avoid it in the evening if you don’t want to spend half of your night going to the bathroom.

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7). Fruit juices

Fruit juices, especially citrus juices, can harm the bladder. It worsens the pains in the area and also contributes to frequent urination. Besides, fruit juices are high in sugar, another factor that could lead to sleep problems.


These would be the “top 7 foods you should avoid before bedtime”. Keep in mind our bodies are different, so you could add some other foods on the list depending on your intolerances or sensitivities. Sleep in a very important element in our lives so we should prepare for it properly and our eating habits are surely part of this process.

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