Science Says: Top 3 Foods that Age Your Brain Prematurely

Science Says: Top 3 Foods that Age Your Brain Prematurely

We keep diet to regain our health, to be fit, to look good and to be confident. Yet, those are not the only reasons why we should keep an eye on what we eat. Scientists have found that food could age our brain too early. Therefore, in order to stay fit, but also sharp, read below what foods you should avoid.


Regular eating habits make the difference

Over the years, studies have shown our eating habits can decline or improve our health state and this is also true for our brain. In other words, only if you eat the below foods on a regular basis they could harm you.

Of course, keep in mind we are different, our bodies could react differently, our genes are not alike so you should always pay attention to these characteristics.

Here are the foods we should avoid, according to science, if we want to stay sharp, intelligent and mentally active as long as possible.

1). Fried Foods

One of the most inflammatory foods, fried foods are, unfortunately, very taste so the temptation of forgetting about studies is big. Yet, a study that included more than 18.000 people from the south-eastern part of United States of America showed that fried food could be to blame for the high incidence of stroke and cardiovascular diseases in that area.

This is not the only conclusive study, another ones have showed people who ate fried foods on a regular basis had the lowest scores in memory and cognition tests.

When we fry foods at high temperature, free radicals are released and these cause cellular damage. It was demonstrated that exposure to free radicals speeds up the aging process.


2). Highly processed foods

How many times a day do you eat canned food, pretzels, cereals, ice cream, cake mixes, snack foods, muffins, cakes etc?

Well, these are all ultra processed foods, category which, according to science, is bad for your brain. For example, a study linked this type of "diet" with a faster decline in cognition, memory, multiple tasks, concentration etc.

3). Too much red meat

The gut health is nowadays a hot topic. Everyone discusses about how the gut "dictates" our health and it seems this is also true for our brain. Some research has showed before that an unbalanced mix of healthy and unhealthy bacteria in our gut can change the brain chemistry.

A recent study published in European Heart Journal found that the excess consumption of red meat may raise TMAO lever, a byproduct of gut bacteria metabolism linked to a higher risk of stroke and even heart attack.

Besides, brain inflammation could be caused by an unhealthy microbiome. Afterwards, this leads to a poor blood flow to the brain which could contribute to a higher risk of cognitive diseases.


Red meat is very high in saturated fats. When we consume it very often, these saturated fats become bad for our heart, but also for our brain. For example, the MIND Diet is a study that has as objectives memory and thinking sharp and one of its rules is limiting red meat.


Of course there are a lot more foods linked to cognitive decline. Studies are “on going” and researchers try to find as many connections as possible between diet and certain diseases before making some official conclusions. Yet, even the studies we have so far could help us in shaping a healthy and balanced diet.

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