What To Do When You Have an Endometriosis Flare-up?

What To Do When You Have an Endometriosis Flare-up?

In endometriosis things might be calm and ok till something happens. You eat something, you stress out too much, you work out too much, you do nothing wrong but your hormones are a wreck and it give your endometriosis “the go” to flare-up.


Many of the endometriosis patients experience that and, when in the middle of such crisis, they all wonder “What should I do to get over this?”

Here are my methods to get better when I have such flare-ups. It might or might not work for you, but give them a try and see what it suits you!

1. It’s just a flare-up, but you’d better announce your doctor

I don’t know what relationship do you have with your doctor, but in my country, Romania, I can call/message my doctor if things get pretty nasty. He is in another town, I don’t want to go to another doctor, but pretty often he tells me what should I do and, even more important, tell me if I should worry or not.

This is really important for you to calm down and seek for “natural remedies” or “lifestyle remedies” in order to get through that flare-up.

I mention the doctor from the very beginning because it is important to distinguish between a flare-up and a crisis that has to be managed in the hospital, by a doctor.

2. Drink lots of water!

So you ate something wrong or you stressed out a lot, well, hydration is extremely important because it will help you not to be constipated, it will help your lymphatic system and you might feel a symptoms relieve.

Besides, water lowers down inflammation  and, when in a flare-up, inflammation is way higher.


3. Drink ginger tea!

Besides water, drink ginger tea because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with the gastro intestinal issues and it also is good of blood flow.

Drink it with honey and lemon and use (if possible) fresh ginger root.

4. Do anything you can not to be constipated!

If you can’t go to the bathroom, your body will be overloaded, will not detoxify itself and the flare-up will last longer.

Charcoal, magnesium citrate, oat with apple and honey, apple cider vinegar – all these might be of use here.

5. Lower your estrogen with a natural supplement!

I only use Calcium D Glucarate as I cannot use anything “natural”, from cruciferous vegetables (like Broccomax or DIM). When in flare up, I up my intake of Clacium D Glucarate.

6. Use proteolytic enzymes!

I use Serrapeptase. This should be use on an empty stomach, but when I have a flare-up or I know I overloaded by body with some “not so good” good, I take a pill after meal.


7. Make a journal about your flare-up

When does it appear, how to you fee in that moment, are the symptoms different? It will help you in knowing what you have to do next, how can you avoid the flare-ups.

8. Be aware of the fact that, if you have a stage 3 or 4 endometriosis, the flares might come up whatever you do

That’s why you need a specialized doctor in endometriosis and you need a medical check up, whatever complementary natural methods do you use.

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