How To Fix Starfield Blast Zone Bug

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 developers Bethesda Game Studios, who have won awards for their work, have released their first new world in more than 25 years with Starfield.

The Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks companies created the action role-playing game Starfield.

The game is Bethesda’s first fresh intellectual creation in 25 years and is set in a space-themed environment.

In this article, we talk about the Starfield Zone bug in detail.

What Causes The Starfield Blast Zone Bug?

Starfield Blast Zone

It’s possible for the visual error known as the blast zone bug in Starfield to arise in the game.

Players are unable to complete the mandatory duties of the quest because of it.

In Starfield, there is a side quest called The Blast Zone, which is located in the Akila City system.

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The mission’s objective is to aid Mr.

Tate, a landowner in the Akila City of Cheyenne system, in using a Cutter to remove some boulders from his property

Tate’s Land Clear Out the Hard Rock Report talk to Mr.

Tate when you return to Ngodup Tate 1.

In Akila City, speak with Mr.

Tate to begin.

You can decline his housing offers and try to end the conversation.

He will make house offers.

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Attempting to end the conversation and receiving a job offer connected to mining will signal the start of the quest.

On all of Tate’s property, there are six Hard Rocks.

If you want to find them and get rid of them, follow the mission marker.

Those rocks can be eliminated with a Cutter.

Using explosives is another option, but it’s risky because you can accidentally hit a bystander and earn a bounty in the city.

After removing all the pebbles from Ngodup Tate’s property, go back there.

For assisting him, you will receive 3300 Credits and 55 XP!

However, some players have encountered the Cutter for not working on the rocks or for not showing up there at all.

  • One of the main tasks in Akila, the Blast Zone mission, cannot be completed due to the Blast Zone issue.
  • This means that the player is unable to advance in the plot or discover new lands on the globe.
  • Additionally, because of this error, the player is unable to complete the task and receive the bonus of 50 XP and a few credits.

For the player, who put a lot of time and effort into getting there, it could also result in anger and disappointment.

How To Fix Starfield Blast Zone Bug?

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This bug can be fixed in several ways, depending on the platform and game version.

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In this article, we’ll give you simple solutions that will help you to fix the blast zone bug in Starfield.

1. Use The Console Command

Note-Before you first receive the bounty, load a save.

Avoid going to the spaceport and collecting the bounty.

To skip the quest stage when playing on a PC, use the console command.

To achieve this, open the console by pressing the tilde key ( ~ ), then type set stage 0003DC10 300, and then press enter.

This will finish the quest and let you move on to the next one.

Accessing the console, however, will make achievements inactive.

2. Go To Venus And Sleep

Another solution is to go to Venus and sleep.

Go to Venus and land on the planet and then sleep for 24 hours LOCAL time (2400 hours UT).

Now see whether you can carry on with the quest without the bug.

3. Complete Other Quests

Another solution is to spend some time finishing quests and other in-game missions before going back to the Blast Zone location to see if you can continue and finish the quest.

4. Contact Support Team

If none of the aforementioned fixes resolves the issue, you might have to wait for a patch from Bethesda to address it.

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For any updates or notifications on the bug, visit their official website or social media accounts. If you haven’t already, you may also get in touch with their support team and report the bug.

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