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Rupert Murdoch's granddaughter Charlotte, 23, says her marriage to rapper Luke Storey

Charlotte Freud - whose parents are Rupert's TV executive daughter Elisabeth and PR supremo Matthew Freud - has claimed that her marriage to rapper Luke Storey was essentially over in hours. She told The Mail on Sunday: 'We had been married for 12 hours when our whole world fell apart. He relapsed on the way to our honeymoon. It wasn't a great sign.' Charlotte, now 23, met Luke - a self-confessed recovering drug and alcohol addict - when she was just 18 and he was 33. He encouraged Charlotte to join Narcotics Anonymous, helping to end her addiction to ketamine. They wed at St Mary's Church in England in 2022, with her grandad Rupert flying in while he was in the throes of divorcing his fourth wife, Jerry Hall. Guests included actor Woody Harrelson.


Border Patrol Union ridicules Biden over Texas visit with joke itinerary of his day along

The Border Patrol union ridiculed President Biden over his recent Texas border visit, humorously detailing his day on X, formerly Twitter. They quipped about Biden boarding AF1, taking a nap, waking up in Brownsville, reading a teleprompter blaming Trump, expressing shock at green-uniformed individuals, taking another nap, and hitting the beach. During his Brownsville visit, Biden attributed the Senate's failure to pass a bipartisan immigration bill to Trump, criticizing it as a political maneuver. Despite Biden's claim of bipartisan support, many Republicans oppose the bill, citing inadequacies in addressing immigration concerns.

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The 12-year-old sent a series of frantic text messages pleading for rescue as Michael Meyden, 57, allegedly prowled the home to see if the tranqs had taken effect.


Award-winning photographer Samir Hussein captured the famous picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex linking arms under an umbrella at the Endeavour Awards.

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A series of brawls broke out at Georgia's Six Flags park on its 'Opening Day' that led to a tense gunfire exchange between suspects and cops.

Delegations from Israel and Hamas are expected to arrive in Cairo on Sunday, two Egyptian security sources said.

Josh went viral for a poem extolling the qualities of various Dune: Part Two actors including Timothee, Zendaya , and Florence Pugh - but the lines about Timothee attracted the most fevered attention.

Chyvette Valentine, who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of the former NBA star filed a lawsuit against Pippen, 58, reality TV star Larsa, 49, and his brother Carl in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

Incredible tale of Ohio Air Force veteran, 32, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor 18 months ago - that has now COMPLETELY gone

Tyler Nuttle, 32, thought his life was over after an MRI scan revealed the tumor impossibly close to his brain stem in July 2022. Doctors told him there was nothing they could do except offer grueling courses of chemo and radiotherapy in a bid to stop it spreading. Nearly 18 months later he decided to ask for a second opinion and went to see doctors at the UC Medical center in Cincinnati. 'The very first appointment they were able to say they can take it out,' he said. 'I couldn't believe it because I was told for almost a year and a half this is inoperable, so it didn't even cross my mind going to a different doctor would change anything.

The man, 30, spoke out about the argument on Reddit and begged for advice - as he admitted he's starting to worry they may never 'reach an agreement.'


The Bob Jones Award, named for the golf icon who won the Grand Slam in 1930, is the highest honor from the USGA that recognizes commitment to sportsmanship and respect for golf's traditions.

'Bye Kevin, you coward!' Grieving family and friends HECKLE New York killer as he's led away in cuffs to serve 25-year sentence after he shot dead 20-year-old woman when she turned up his driveway by accident

Kevin Monahan, 66, (center) was found guilty on Friday of second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence after a two-week trial in January. Monahan, who hails from Hebron, fatally shot Kaylin Gillis (right and top left) after the SUV she was riding in mistakenly pulled into his rural driveway (bottom left) in Upstate New York last April. The decision came after a series of heartbreaking emotional impact statements from Gillis' father as well as her boyfriend Blake Walsh, who was driving, and friend Alexandra Whiting, who was another passenger on the fateful night. The courtroom, which was full of people wearing shirts and sweaters memorializing Gillis, rejoiced as Monahan was escorted out of the courtroom after being sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

Camilla, 76, has completed 13 official engagements since the announcement of Charles's condition last month, appearing alone for events that were meant for both King and Queen.

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Donald Trump claims Biden's border policies are a 'conspiracy to overthrow the United States' and claims Democrats want to 'spin' migrants up to have them vote in 2024 in fiery Virginia rally speech

Former President Donald Trump skewered President Joe Biden's border plan as a 'conspiracy' to destabilize the United States during a rally Saturday night. The campaign event in Richmond, Virginia, drew thousands of enthusiastic Trump fans to the commonwealth's capitol. Supporters of the former president came from all over the state and lined the blocks around the convention center hours before he was set to deliver remarks. Shortly after taking the stage to loud applause, the former president turned his attention to Biden and his 'open border policies.' The current president's border policies are a 'conspiracy to overthrow the United States,' Trump told the audience. 'They are dumping their prisoners into our country, doesn't this stupid guy get it?'

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Recent polls have shown US working class minorities, who historically vote for the Democratic Party headed by President Joe Biden , are turning their backs on him in droves.


Voters at Donald Trump 's Get Out the Vote Rally in Richmond, Virginia , did not mince words about whether the former president's challenger Nikki Haley should continue in the race.

Trump's super Saturday: Donald wins clean sweep of Idaho, Michigan and Missouri as he

Donald Trump has cruised past rival Nikki Haley to win Republican caucuses in Idaho, Michigan and Missouri bringing him another step closer to a rematch with Joe Biden come November. In Idaho, where 32 delegates were up for grabs on Saturday, the former president dominated throughout caucus locations across the state. In Michigan, Trump trounced Haley in all 13 districts taking part in the nominating caucuses, the second part of the state's nominating process. The two contests add to an earlier win in Missouri, where the race was called at 11:40am, less than two hours after the gatherings began.

There are still doubts over Joe Biden 's leadership of the Democratic Party as he trails five points behind Donald Trump ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Chaos in Times Square after GRENADE is found in back of Uber: Tensions flare as crowds of anti-Israel protestors block traffic and stop NYPD bomb squad reaching explosive

An explosive device was located in the backseat of the vehicle in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday. An Uber driver turned to look in the backseat after dropping a passenger off on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in Times Square and saw the explosive device. The driver notified the police just after 4 pm and NYPD deployed the Emergency Services Unit and the Bomb Squad to the scene in Times Square. Anti-Israel protestors were marching through the streets and blocking traffic at the time of the emergency.

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Tyler Beschorner, 29, died after he was struck by a car while walking on Route 363 in New York on February 17.Dad Corey Beschorner, was asked to respond to the scene to help with road closures

TikTok has been flooded with girls explaining they are 'joining the trend' of choosing 'strong' men like American footballer Travis Kelce, who has been dating Taylor Swift since September.

'Killer' antibiotic that's STILL being prescribed to 15m Americans a year: Widow of singer

The star (pictured top left with wife and top right) died aged 71 last year after a fluoroquinolone ravaged his body by tearing both his Achilles tendons (pictured inset) and leaving him with 'unbearable' nerve damage. Last week, it was reported that a mother (pictured bottom right), who was prescribed a drug in the same family of antibiotics to treat her UTI, was left unable to walk after suffering a similar reaction. Dr Ghalili (pictured bottom left) said he can sympathize with both victims because of his own brush with death after being prescribed the antibiotic as a young man.


Hugh Jackman has rushed back to New York and won't be watching his Manly Sea Eagles play during their historic season-opening double-header in Las Vegas.

The powerful storm has dumped more than three feet of snow across the Sierra Nevada range, with wind gusts over 100 mph in the Mountain West.


Portland couple aboard Alaska flight sue airline and Boeing for $1 BILLION after door blew off plane midflight - and claim they're now 'triggered' by aircraft noises

Kyle Rinker and his girlfriend, regular Alaska Airlines passengers, faced a harrowing experience on a flight to Ontario, California, when a door plug blew off, causing a hole in the plane. Reflecting on the incident, Rinker emphasized the ongoing impact on his daily life. Along with two other passengers, he has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Boeing and Alaska Airlines, citing systemic risks compromising passenger safety. The legal action aims to prompt both companies to prioritize safety over reliance on luck. Boeing and Alaska Airlines have not commented on the lawsuit.

A woman who had been missing for seven years was discovered in a motel by police after they heard her desperate screams.


WWE legend Tammy Sytch admits struggling without sex while serving 17-year jail sentence

Sytch, 51, is serving a 17-year sentence at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida after causing a car crash while three times over the legal alcohol limit. The pile-up resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man. On Thursday, Sytch appeared on the Bird Calls podcast and opened up about her lack of intimacy and other struggles behind bars. 'It's already been 22 months without it and let me tell you it's rough,' she shared. 'It's like you become a virgin again, it's insane.'

Donald Trump held a boisterous rally in North Carolina where he decried the criminal cases against him and called himself a 'proud political dissident' as he fights criminal charges.

Dune: Part Two seems destined to top the box office its first weekend in theaters. The sci-fi thriller starring Timothée Chalamet, 28, and Zendaya, 27, earned $32.2 million on Friday night.

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori shocks in surprisingly modest attire - amid fears she

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori was dressed in surprisingly modest attire when the couple stepped out in Paris on Saturday. In contrast to her typically sheer looks, the architect, 29, modeled a long-sleeved purple top with a pair of opaque stockings as pants while leaving the Ritz Paris hotel. She wore a pair of black pointed-toe kitten heels and was seen toting a massive leather bag on her shoulder.

Britney Spears' ex husband Sam Asghari cherishes nothing but fond memories from his time with the pop star. 'It was a blessing to be able to share life with someone for a long time,' he said.

Nine junior members of the Hoover Volunteer Fire Department, age from 14 to 17, have joined the efforts to combat the inferno as only 15 percent of the fire has been contained.

Serial squatter who hijacked millionaire NYC couple's $2M mansion tries to bleed them

Brett Flores, 32, (right) has allegedly run up massive bills and flooded the backyard at the $2 million Long Island property (left). He is currently embroiled in a months-long eviction struggle with home buyers Joseph and Susana Landa, both 68, (inset) who purchased the property to live in with their disabled son. The Landas bought the $2 million home in October, before making the 'nightmare' realization that Flores was refusing to leave and claiming he had the legal right to live there.


EXCLUSIVE17 dead bodies, rape trees and migrants crawling on his land: Arizona rancher armed with a Glock describes life on the frontlines of the border crisis as Republicans push bill to allow landowners to SHOOT trespassers

John Ladd's phone is an archive of life on a ranch beside the Arizona border with Mexico. He scrolls past photographs of handsome Red Angus and cross-bred Hereford-Brahman cattle, picture after picture of Donald Trump 's 30ft border wall that spans about six-and-a-half miles of his land. Then he stops at an image of a tree. 'That's a rape tree,' he said, pointing out the women's clothes thrown into the thorny branches. 'Almost all the women who come across get raped by their guides, who then they throw their underwear in the trees.'

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Shawn Cranston, 52, from Corry, Pennsylvania was arrested today for allegedly murdering pregnant Rebekah Byler, 23, in her home on Monday

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Women who receive more embraces, cuddles and touches are more likely to be satisfied with their relationship, according to research based on more than 1,000 women aged 18 to 72.

Stephen Baldwin looks stern and serious during FIRST SIGHTING since he asked for 'a little

Stephen Baldwin was spotted in Los Angeles Friday, in his first public sighting since he requested prayers for his daughter Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber.  Hailey, 27, and her husband Justin, 30, are dealing with a private matter of which her father is aware, per TMZ, and his prayers post was allegedly about that issue. Now, amid claims Hailey was upset by her father's public entreaty that fans 'offer a little prayer' for her and Justin, Stephen has surfaced.

Mexico is the world's second biggest producer of the fruit, exported around the world. But gangs are fighting a deadly turf war to control that lucrative business.

The dream job of watching Oscar-nominated movies in the comfort of your own home - all while getting paid generously for it -  may finally be attainable.

Chinese migrant turned US congressional candidate forced to eat rats in poverty under the

Lily Tang Williams is now running for Congress in New Hampshire as a Republican to prevent America from becoming like the country she worked to escape. After growing up and getting her law degree in Shanghai, Williams immigrated to the US in 1988, thus beginning what she describes as a '20-year wake-up process' to politics. 'I left China for freedom, but I was really indoctrinated. I did not know China's real history,' she told DailyMail.com in an interview. 'For the first 20 years or so I wasn't really political. But my husband helped me learn a lot about the US - from foreign language to culture, traditions and history.'


Under a heavy police presence, Alexei Navalny's mother Lyudmilla Navalnaya was accompanied by Mr Navalny's mother-in-law, Alla Abrosimova, who joined other mourners.

Courtney Cronin, who covers the Bears for the network, was invited onto ESPN Chicago's 'Kap & J. Hood Morning Show' to discuss Caleb Williams, who Chicago may decide to take with the No. 1 pick.

US military air-drops 38,000 meals over Gaza as official claims Israel has 'more or less accepted' ceasefire and hostage release deal in brutal war against Hamas

American cargo planes air-dropped 38,000 meals into the besieged territory on Saturday. President Joe Biden announced the imminent air drops on Friday amid mounting political pressure over the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations has warned Gaza is dangerously close to famine and more than 100 people were left dead earlier this week after Israeli forces opened fire on the crowd scrambling to receive food from a truck convoy.

At least 112 Palestinians were believed to have been killed and 760 injured when soldiers opened fire after feeling threatened by the crowds.

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The Cargo ship Rubymar, which was abandoned in the southern Red Sea after being targeted by Yemen's Houthis on February 18, has sunk, Yemeni government sources claimed.

Downcast Rihanna arrives in Milan with A$AP Rocky as new videos go viral of the singer doing the 'bare minimum' at £5M pre-wedding gig for son of India's richest man

Rihanna looked downcast as she arrived in Milan on Saturday morning after being mocked for her performance at a pre-wedding gig for the son of India's richest man.  The singer, 36, was seen at the city's airport with her partner A$AP Rocky, 35, as new videos emerged of her £5million concert in India for the wedding of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant.  Rihanna cut a casual figure in an all grey outfit with a turquoise scarf and shielded her eyes with sunglasses.  

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The blaze tore through the settlement on Thursday, injuring two people and destroying dozens of tents. Up to 100 people were living at the site when the fire broke out.

Many have speculated Woods will next play at the Arnold Palmer Invitational or The Players later this month but it was revealed Saturday that Woods' next start will come at the Seminole Pro-Am.

Geri Halliwell was red-eyed and wore a string bracelet 'to ward off evil and misfortune'

Geri Horner's eyes appeared to be reddened but the former Spice Girl walked hand-in-hand with husband Christian Horner at the launch of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain. The singer was seen sporting a red string bracelet to 'ward off evil.' The beleaguered couple also kissed passionately in Mr Horner's team Red Bull's paddock before the grand prix in what seemed an attempt to show the world their nine-year marriage was intact. It's been under strain ever since Mr Horner was accused of 'inappropriate behaviour' by a female colleague at the start of February, following by the leaking of 'inappropriate' WhatsApp texts.


JONATHAN McEVOY IN BAHRAIN: Eyes were focused on the storm around Horner after sexually suggestive text messages he sent to a female employee came to public attention.

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Christian Horner ended his day on a positive note after the Red Bull boss saw his drivers finish first and second in the Bahrain Grand Prix after he shared a kiss with wife and ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.


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Eerie footage shows 'prime suspect' in Madeline Soto's death tearfully saying 'it's hard not to blame myself' one day after Florida girl vanished - as he fails to show up for first court hearing on child porn charges

The body of 13-year-old Madeline Soto was discovered on Friday afternoon in woods close to where she disappeared, four days after she was reported missing. The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said she was wearing clothing similar to what Maddie was last wearing - a green sweatshirt, black shorts and white Crocs. The grim discovery came hours after police revealed Madeline's mother's boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, 37, is the 'prime suspect' in her murder. He did not appear in Osceola County court on Saturday where he faces charges including sexual battery and possession of material depicting sexual performance by a child. The judge ruled he would stay in custody.

The Anaheim Ducks center and TikTok star were initially linked in September . However, the rumors regained traction after their latest sighting.

NFL Notifications cited a rumor surrounding Wilson on Thursday. Without identifying a source, the account wrote that 'no team has expressed much interest' in Wilson.

Exotic dancer, 49, throws her hat into the ring for city's mayor as she sets sights on

Liv Osthus is well-known stripper but she wants to go into politics to solve the crime , homelessness and drug issues which have been plaguing the area. She moved to Portland in 1996 after graduating with a bachelor's in anthropology from William's College and started to exotic dance under the name Viva Las Vegas.But Osthus wants to take on the challenge of leading the city and she told KGW8 : 'To me, this is not me going into politics; this is me continuing my journey as an artist. There were 6,300 homeless people on the streets of Portland last year as well as 527 overdoses, according to data.

Sick killer Scarlet Blake, then-23, murdered Jorge Martin Carreño, 30, to arouse her ex-girlfriend in a killing that had 'clear sexual motivation', the judge said.

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Lile was attempting to catch a ball that was smashed by Boston Red Sox 's first baseman Tyler Miller a ball to deep right field when he tried to leap up and collided with the hip-high wall.

We bought a 1960s home - these are the bizarre things we've discovered since moving in...

A young couple who bought a house from the 1960s have shared everything they've discovered since beginning the renovation process.Nicole Halliday and her partner Blair, from Scotland, took to social media to reveal all of the hurdles they've faced and hidden gems they've  stumbled across after being handed the keys.


Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, 32, shares frightening surveillance footage of a man attempting to break into her home by pulling sliding door from its hinges as he's seen loitering around the property

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has shared CCTV footage of the moment a burglar tried to enter her house and requested help to identify the person in a new TikTok (inset). Video shows a man wearing a bright orange jacket walking up to her house in Columbus County, North Carolina at around 1am (left). He is seen making multiple attempts to enter her house before Evans starts yelling the Spanish word for police from her front porch. The intruder calmly walks away from her house while apologizing as soon as she starts yelling (right)

Fans on social media have been quick to dive into Jeremy Clarkson's gridwalk talk with Martin Brundle in Bahrain on Saturday, where he questioned the progress of teams in the off-season. 

Glamorous New York City cop sues the NYPD claiming nude photo she sent to co-worker she

Alisa Bajraktarevic, 34, alleged that her topless image from 2012 spread 'like wildfire' after she was accused of interfering with officers in April of last year. She allegedly tried to use her cop status to avoid a search of the car belonging to her alleged drug dealer boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez, 33, who has since been charged with resisting arrest. After an internal investigation, Bajraktarevic was suspended for 30 days without pay and instructed to stop associating with Hernandez. The topless image allegedly resurfaced during this period, spreading across numerous group chats and message chains within the department, according to the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed in December



Wyoming hunters brace at the Colorado border as huge pack of recently-released WOLVES threaten to cross state lines and wreak havoc on their ranches

Two wolves are confirmed to have recently entered Moffat County, located less than 50 miles away from the Wyoming border By stepping over the border line, a wolf enters Wyoming 's 53 million-acre 'predator zone' and can be shot on sight One Colorado resident estimates that the duo will potentially cross the border in the next four to six weeks

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky's otherworldly images are on display at Saatchi Gallery, London, and have been compiled into a new book - Edward Burtynsky: Extraction/Abstraction.

On a recent trip to Miami DailyMail.com's Sadie Whitelocks discovered a whole world of boat chartering, where a luxury vessel can be as little as renting a car for a day.

How a farmer from Suffolk, who'd only ever haggled over the price of a cow, masterminded a

Stephen Collett, a recently retired farmer, and Chris, his wife of 30 years, were in bed just before 7am on a Friday in October 2009 when the phone rang. It was his youngest sister, Sarah. 'I knew it was something important,' he recalls, 'because she hardly ever rings us.' Sarah was calling because the emergency beacon on the ocean-going yacht belonging to their sister Rachel and her husband Paul Chandler had been activated. She had been up all night trying to get hold of them, without success.


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NFL legend Jerry Rice admits he's 'nervous' to watch his son, Brenden, at the 2024 NFL Combine but the 'proud' dad insists the USC wide receiver has 'worked really hard'

NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice admitted he was nervous to watch his son, USC wide receiver Brenden Rice, during the NFL combine. Brenden, who transferred to USC from Colorado in 2022, forewent the rest of his college eligibility to enter this year's NFL Draft. Jerry, the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, insisted his son had worked really hard when asked if his son is ready for the NFL.


Nadine Macaluso, 56, spoke to DailyMail.com about how she made peace with Jordan Belfort, 61, for the sake of their kids - despite him never saying sorry for what he put her through.

Basic three-bedroom home in tiny Montana town hits the market for a whopping $1.1MILLION

The three-bedroom, one-bathroom house, seemingly no special from others in numerous small towns across America, has gained viral attention due to its $1.1 million price tag. Nestled in Whitefish, a town in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana with a mere population of 9,000 people, the house's exterior is sheathed in simple white paneling with square windows. The 1,824-square-foot property also features a two-toned grass lawn and city lots, neither of which seem to justify the outsized price tag among potential buyers. However, the home's seller Gary Hanson who inherited the house from his father, believes the home is worth even more as he is considering increasing the price.

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