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Harry and Meghan's new campaign to win Hollywood over? Sussexes are all smiles as they are

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were all smiles as they made a surprise appearance at Kevin Costner's 'One805 Live!' charity event for first responders on Friday, held at his $26 million polo field in Santa Barbara. The couple were joined by their good friends Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres as they took another step into Hollywood royalty. The fundraising event - where 'last chance' tables cost $12,000 - was hosted at the oceanside estate of Kevin Costner in Summerland and included noteworthy guests, including Katy Perry's parents. Harry wore black while Meghan opted for a sophisticated, chic look, in a monochrome jacket with her hair pulled back 'clean-girl' style. 

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British-made Storm Shadow missiles used in strike on Russian Navy HQ 'wounded some of Putin's commanders amid claims admiral of Black Sea Fleet was killed in devastating long-range Ukrainian attack on Crimea

This is the moment a British Storm Shadow missile hits Putin's Black Sea Fleet HQ in Ukraine. Senior Russian commanders were killed in the Ukrainian missile strike, it was also revealed. At least nine people were killed and 16 wounded in the Friday attack in Sevastopol, according to Ukraine's military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov. Russia has refrained from giving details on the killed and wounded, and its main news bulletins failed to mention the humiliating strike in annexed Crimea. Russian air defences were again today at work in and around Sevastopol, the main naval port in the peninsula.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Like some absurd lothario furtively fumbling with an old flame, Sir Keir Starmer (pictured) has been well and truly caught with his pants down.


To combat Disease X - as the WHO calls it - we will once again need vaccines to be engineered and delivered in record time. But, as things stand, there is no guarantee that will happen.


The Home Office has said small-boat migrants must be booked in three-star hotels at least as housing costs soar to £8million a day.

With a rise in dangerous dog incidents, choosing a breed that is safe to have in the company of little ones will be at the forefront of parent's decisions.

NEW LIZ JONES: It was the battle of the high-end rooms. I was in my hotel, Thyme in the Cotswolds, after my awful day at a wedding. He was at Soho Farmhouse doing god only knows.

Strictly's Giovanni Pernice and Amanda Abbington break silence after claims the actress

The professional dancer, 33, and the actress, 49, have both shared gushing Instagram tributes to each other ahead of the first Strictly live show on Saturday. It follows claims that Amanda was 'left shaken' by Giovanni's 'militant and aggressive' training style with tensions escalating between the pair.

Floody HELL! New-build homeowners forced to build makeshift barricades to stop torrents of

EXCLUSIVE: Residents on a smart hillside estate fear their homes could be swept away after a mystery leak sent torrents of water gushing through their properties. The desperate homeowners have had to install their own makeshift defences to stop water flooding their homes. Householders who paid up to £650,000 for their homes in Templars Gate in Halifax, West Yorkshire, say thousands of gallons of water cascading from the hill above their homes have put them at risk of landslides and flooding. Britannia Developments built the tiny estate but went bust soon after the houses were finished in 2011. In the past two months, a river of water has washed down the hill, triggering landslides that buckled garden fences and covered gardens in mud.

This week, Caroline West-Meads offers advice to a woman whose teenage daughter doesn't want to go on their family holiday on account of her older cousin's bullying behaviour.

NEW In an exclusive interview, Usher, 44, one of the biggest R&B stars in the world, tells Alex Hawgood about his bromance with Beckham, getting behind Bieber, dealing with loss and much more.

Baffled by too many choices? Stumpted by jargon? Here is the Mail's expert advice on what five bottles you can buy for just over a fiver this month.

Why I couldn't disagree more with the hoo-ha over My Mum, your Dad's widower Roger Hawes

ALEX DELANEY: Closing the door to my first-floor flat and walking down the stairs, I spotted my neighbour at our communal front door. After giving me a thorough inspection, she suspiciously asked: 'Are you going on a date?' I won't ever forget those words, so crisply delivered in stinging judgement. The truth was, I was meeting a rather lovely man. Someone I had made an effort for - smart jeans, eye-catching top, some makeup, too. And she noticed. Why was she was so astonished and judgey? Because my husband had died only six months before. Her words rang in my ears all night, but I still had a good time on London's South Bank. My date George had touchingly brought a picnic along with a flask of mulled wine too.

By his mid-40s, David Aaronovitch had no close male friends. But then everything changed. Twenty-five years ago, a chance meeting in a cafe led to a new friendship that has transformed his life.

A mum complained on British parenting platform Mumsnet that her daughters friend overstays her welcome and uses my expensive beauty products and ensuite instead of the family bathroom

Roger finds love with Janey on 'middle -aged Love Island My Mum, Your Dad'- nut another couple calls it quits - as the shocking twist is revealed in FINAL episode

My Mum Your Dad came to a close on Friday, as the final episode of the middle-aged dating show saw the contestants' love journeys come to an end. The emotional final pulled at the heart strings as Roger found happiness again with Janey, with his daughter Jess describing him as a 'different man.' The episode began as host Davina McCall shocked the cast when she exposed the major plot twist of the series before the 'winners' of the series were revealed. While the parents thought relationship experts were overseeing their time at the Surrey house, in reality it was their children. 

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Naomi keeps a book in the office at the Liverpool Co-op store that she manages. It logs all the shoplifting and abuse her staff have received. In 2023 alone, there have been 1,000 incidents.

One of the side effects of the global pandemic is that an entire generation of working British people have become 'dull' and Birmingham is the most boring place of them all, a study suggests.

It seems that this country is on the verge of a colossal mistake. After more than two centuries of ­British sovereignty we are apparently about to abandon the British Indian Ocean Territory.

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Huw Edwards is back on the BBC (accidentally): Corporation apologises when old clip of newsman who is facing sexual misconduct allegations appears on show

NEW Huw Edwards hasn't appeared on the channel since he was named publicly as the star being investigated following allegations of sexual misconduct. In July, the 61-year-old news anchor was accused of paying £35,000 to a vulnerable teenager in return for explicit photographs. This morning the Breakfast programme cut to a clip of Newswatch from September 2017, which focused on Hurricane Maria in he Caribbean and was presented by Edwards. Breakfast presenter Ben Thompson apologised for the 'technical gremlins' which caused the archived footage to be shown.

Prince Harry was offered the chance to stay in Balmoral with King Charles on the anniversary of the Queen's death but said his busy itinerary made it impossible.

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Thousands of British drivers across the country are falling foul of fines issued by their own local councils after several authorities applied for powers to fine their own residents.

I have a severe allergy to strawberries and a spent three-hour flight in fear for my life

EXCLUSIVE A passenger with a life-threatening food allergy said she feared for her life aboard a flight, after claiming cabin crew refused to remove food and drink items which could have sent her into anaphylactic shock. Chloe Fitzpatrick was travelling from Manchester to Ibiza on August 18, 2023 and said she had informed staff of her severe strawberry allergy, asking them not to serve any strawberry products on the flight.  The 24-year-old, who was travelling with her sister Lucy Fitzpatrick, said she felt 'discriminated against' when the cabin crew manager refused to remove any food and drink items from the flight.  


This week Bel answers questions who is 'sick of being alive' in his 80s.

Tom Parker Bowles enjoys excellent Thai food for £25 per head at a small, family-run restaurant on the edge of Little Wormwood Scrubs in west London. Bring your own booze at no extra cost.

'We never had intimacy coordinators in my day:' MICHAEL CAINE calls being woke 'dull' and

While Michael Caine became our greatest living British movie star, John Standing trod the boards and devoted his life to the stage. Now, in the twilight of their careers, the pair are reunited in a new film, The Great Escaper.

From Moscow 's ominous Iskander missiles to the haunting presence of cluster munitions and kamikaze drones, war-torn Ukraine has become a crucible for cutting-edge military technology

Russell Brand speaks out: Comedian claims he is victim of conspiracy after 'extraordinary and distressing week' amid rape and sexual assault allegations - as eighth woman comes forward and accuses him of forcing her to perform a sex act

Eight women have now made a string of accusations against the comedian, including rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse, which he has vehemently denied, claiming all relationships were consensual. The latest accusation came just hours before the under fire star broke his silence for the first time since the allegations first emerged, announcing he had an 'extraordinary and distressing week'. In the rambling three minute clip that was posted to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, now known as X, Brand, 48, thanked his fans for their 'support and for questioning' reports that had been made. The shocking allegations made against Brand are said to have taken place during the height of his fame between 2003 and 2013. 

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The tiny Italian island where more asylum seekers than the local population arrived in one day: The situation in Lampedusa sums up Europe's impotence in the face of migration, writes ROBERT HARDMAN

ROBERT HARDMAN: To put it in perspective, imagine that 3.7 million migrants suddenly landed on the shores of Kent - in one week. I suspect, at this point, that even the most liberal, charitable do-gooders from Dartford to Dover would have to concede that things had gone badly wrong. That has certainly been the feeling here on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa (population: 6,000) this week, as it has been forced to cope with more than double its own population suddenly arriving from North Africa - desperate souls emerging from flimsy, filthy deathtraps before overwhelming the modest local reception centre. On one day alone, there were 7,000 arrivals in more than 100 boats.

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Game show host and author Richard Osman, 52, tells Tom Parker Bowles about the Nando's takeaways that fuelled the filming of Pointless and why he's still a 70s boy at heart.

A woman who works on a cruise ship has revealed how much she spends each day on board, and it's a lot cheaper than you would think.

Rishi Sunak (pictured) is considering gradually raising the smoking age to phase out the habit among younger generations. The PM is said to be looking at introducing the toughest anti-smoking measures.


My great-uncle who died at the Somme after surviving Gallipoli: MICHAEL PALIN discovers

Writing a book about the death of his great-uncle Harry, who was killed on the Somme in 1916, MICHAEL PALIN not only gave his ancestor's life some recognition, he also made a friend.

It promises to be an enthralling three days of action as the famous old rivalry is resumed, with Europe looking to make it a hat-trick of wins after successes in both 2019 and 2021.

Whilst injuries are naturally part of sport at any level, they sometimes occur in the most unusual of ways in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Mail Sport looks at some of the weirdest.

Five police are injured as five are arrested when wild fight breaks out on north Wales housing estate

Police said five people have been arrested following the incident in Rhosllanerchrugog, just outside of Wrexham, on Thursday. Officers were called shortly before 5pm to reports of public disorder in the Wern Las area. Shocking video footage of the fight - in which one woman is wearing a dressing gown - has now gone viral on social media.

On the back of the photo Letby wrote: 'Caught in the act! (Baby's name) deciding she is a big girl now and doesn't need to be tube fed any more! X'

Dealers have warned that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are sitting on forecourts for 'months on end while they haemorrhage value', with some at risk of selling at a loss.


Jurors heard the extent of Koyay Alpergin's injuries after he and his girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, were abducted as they returned to their home in Enfield from a Mayfair restaurant on October 13 last year

Meghan's multi-million-pound Spotify deal was axed in June this year after it was announced that the Archetypes podcast would not be renewed for a second season.


The buying power of the pound has boomed by as much as 44 per cent year on year for those who are prepared to fly much further afield to the likes of Vietnam, Chile and Kenya

The actress, 33, who found fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, last appeared on screen in 2019's Little Women which was directed by Barbie's Greta Gerwig.

There's often little signage to help us make an informed choice, and what there is can be couched in jargon, leaving the hapless shopper feeling bewildered by the world of wine.

The macabre memorial to 'apocalyptic' air disaster: How wreckage of Gatwick flight that

TOM PARRY: Strewn across a steep mountain side in the French Pyrenees are the jagged remains of a plane which once carried dozens of British holidaymakers. The shell of the main passenger cabin is wedged between a rocky outcrop and pine trees next to a hiking trail. Scattered randomly on scree below are lumps of the engine, fuel tanks and the landing gear. For 60 years, this wreckage has remained 2200m up on the slopes of Mount Canigou, a macabre reminder of a long-forgotten aviation disaster described as 'apocalyptic' by those who were first on the scene on a stormy October night in 1961.

NIALL FERGUSON: The more Democrats imagine Trump repeating that feat, the greater the pressure on Biden to do one last smart thing. Retire.

As ever, the fashionable watering hole of London 's media elites was abuzz, the presence of the three Murdochs together stilled conversations.

JEFFREY ARCHER: There has only been one attempt to steal the Crown Jewels, by Colonel Blood in 1671, and he was caught even before he and his conspirators could escape from the Tower.

EXCLUSIVE: Lior Agbayan, 20, has been living on campus at the International University of Grand Bassam in the Cote d'Ivoire. He was named as a suspect in the 2021 murder of Sven Badzak.

'Child vampire' body is found in Poland: 17th century locals feared body of youngster

Myths surrounding the undead and vampires date back to as early as the 11th century in eastern Europe, and it is not uncommon for skeletons bearing the marks of these superstitions to be unearthed. In eastern Europe tales of people who died and then returned to the living world several months later were rife, and were often blamed for sudden deaths, accidents or even just generally making life more difficult - such as being held responsible for a poor harvest. But the discovery of a tiny child's skeleton treated this way is believed to be the first of its kind. The grim discovery was made in the same cemetery as a woman who was buried with a scythe pressing down on her neck (pictured) - a way to ensure she would decapitate herself if she tried to rise from the dead, experts said.


The Union ultimately judged the offer was 'very similar to, and therefore in direct competition with, our affiliated student groups' - but critics say is the SU is 'imposing anti-military views'

Kim Kardashian is mercilessly mocked by skeptical fans after showing off stunning sunset

Kim, 42, has sparked furious debate about a sunset painting done by her 10-year-old daughter, North, that she shared on social media. While some fans have been praising the artwork, others are doubtful that the SKIMS founder and Kanye West 's daughter actually painted the masterpiece. The Kardashians star took to both Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, to show off her eldest daughter's artwork, which featured a shiny oceanside landscape and pinkish sunset.

Sources told the Mail that the U-turn on net zero policies was referred to by an inner circle of advisers as Cedar - the 'c' representing climate change.

Campaign group PETA has likened the artificial insemination of dairy cows to the sexual abuse of women and says female chickens are treated like 'egg-laying machines'

People smugglers are risking lives by packing more migrants into already overloaded boats (file photo) after being forced to cut prices for Channel crossings.

Kate Middleton cuts a corporate figure as she wears suits for her six most recent

Marking a change from her usual pleated skirts and pencil dresses, Kate Middleton , 41, has opted for business attire during her recent royal visits across the UK. The wardrobe switch-up seemingly aligns with the revolutionary announcement from Prince William , 41, and Kate earlier this week- the hiring of a Chief Executive Officer to run their household of approximately 60 staff.

The former PM said it 'beggared belief' that Labour thought Britain's problems could be solved by bigger government. She spoke after Starmer told of plans to strengthen powers given to the OBR.

OSCAR CAINER: The Equinox encourages us to appreciate our progress and quantify what we still want to accomplish. With the Aries Full Moon, we might be surprised by the possibilities coming up.

The London Mayor is preparing to launch a London Policing Board to help the force 'get its act together' in the wake of a series of scandals.

Josep Borrell said member states had failed to agree a common policy to deal with the issue, with some countries wanting 'purity' and rejecting migrants while others welcomed them.

Studying hard? First-year students hit the town on Fresher's Friday with their new friends

Thousands of students swarmed the streets of Leeds and Newcastle last night to indulge in a night of tipsy fun. They spent their first Fresher's Friday - part of the Fresher's Week celebrations which run until Sunday, September 24 - drinking in their best party gear. Some partygoers were pictured wearing cowboy heads and fancy dress, while others put on their favourite dresses and cropped tops. The new students took the opportunity to let their hair down as the late night became the early morning. Unfortunately heavy clubbing proved too much for some of the new students dancing into the early hours, as their drinking was followed by vomiting or brawls in the street.

As ITV drama recreates the terror inflicted by Peter Sutcliffe, a woman who was a third-year fine art student days from her 21st birthday shares her close encounter with the convicted killer

Well, the Mail can reveal that the make-up aritst behind Her Majesty's radiant look is none other than... Camilla herself.

I went to the Marina Abramović's art exhibition to squeeze between two naked people... I'm

Marina Abramović is putting on a new exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London which will see 40 performers stripping off in the name of art. But does it actually make sense and is it actually any good? MailOnline went down to find out.

The 27-year-old was named the club's vice-captain earlier last month and was the longest-serving member of the side, starting her sixth year at the club.

Jamie-Leigh Kelly (pictured), 31, left a family assessment centre for vulnerable mothers and children in Colindale, north-west London, with her daughter, 3, and baby son this week.

Leonardo DiCaprio's rumoured ex Gigi Hadid faces a catwalk run-in with his new girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio's rumoured ex Gigi Hadid (far left and far right) and his current girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti (second left) were sure to turn heads as they walked the runway of Versace's Milan Fashion Week show on Friday. The 48-year-old actor's (inset) love life collided on the catwalk as the models stunned in flawless looks as they strutted their stuff alongside the likes of Kendall Jenner (second right). Gigi, 28, who was briefly linked romantically to the Titanic star over the past year, wowed in a slinky yellow gown which featured a cowl neckline and daring thigh-high split. Meanwhile Vittoria, 25, who is currently dating the Oscar winner, flashed her toned midriff in a tiny black bandeau top.

Claudia Schiffer attended a Versace party during Milan Fashion Week on Friday evening. She slipped her statuesque figure into a baby blue dress from the storied fashion house.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori's WILD impromptu Florence photoshoot is captured on film by excited locals

A new video shows the moment Kanye West and his new 'wife' Bianca Censori caused a major frenzy while shopping in the tourist-heavy Via dei Calzaiuoli in Florence, Italy on Thursday afternoon. West, 46, went into photographer mode as he directed the busty bombshell, 28, as she posed with excited locals in another one of her daring nude looks, while a number of admirers filming the epic moment. Surrounded by adoring fans, Censori showed off her sensational figure in a skintight leotard styled with sheeny pantyhose and pointy kitten heels.

The letter claimed those with contrary views faced 'serious harassment' at work, and pleaded for 'urgent action to ensure that the Civil Service impartiality is upheld'.

Labour was sent into a tailspin yesterday as Sir Keir Starmer (pictured) was repeatedly asked to clarify his Brexit policy after saying he did not want to diverge from EU rules.

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Girl, 12, who's 'too tiny' to fit into £22 uniform skirt is punished by school after she

Lilly's parents have slammed Holderness Academy in Hull for placing her in isolation after she wore an Asda school skirt, instead of the version by Rawcliffes, reports Hull Live. Mother Katie says her daughter has spent time in isolation - a separate place in school where pupils are not allowed to talk or interact with their peers - since last week, as punishment for the offence. Her and husband Wayne explained that due to their daughter's 'tiny' physique, they were unable to find a skirt by Rawcliffes small enough to fit, and so instead opted for a supermarket alternative. (Pictured: Katie with the Asda dupe)

Larry the Downing Street cat has clashed with Rishi Sunak's Labrador, Nova. Akshata Murty, the Prime Minister's wife, said the family dog Nova had 'mixed emotions' about Larry.

She recently shared a naughty snap to her Instagram to celebrate Nick Knowles' 61st birthday.

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Jailed Stephen Bear 'DUMPED by fiancé Jessica Smith after branding their relationship

Stephen Bear has been dumped by fiancé Jessica Smith as he continues to serve out his 21 month prison sentence. The disgraced reality star, 33, was jailed in March after he was found guilty of sharing a private video of him having sex with his ex Georgia Harrison to OnlyFans without consent and made £2,000 from it. And according to The Sun despite vowing to stick by Stephen, model Jessica, 24, has 'come to her senses' and ended their 'fake and toxic' engagement. 

Cases of the bacterial infection, spread by coughing, hit 2,408 in England during the first half of 2023 - seven per cent more than logged over the same period last year.

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Sex addiction has been thrust into the spotlight after comedian Russell Brand was engulfed in a major sex assault scandal. But experts cannot decide whether it's a real condition.

The Mail has launched a new WhatsApp Channel, providing you with the latest news directly to your inbox.

Harry Potter star looks unrecognisable after two-year spell in prison

This star looks nothing like he did as a child actor in the Harry Potter films. The 34-year-old's teenaged face would be instantly recognisable to fans of the films based on the JK Rowling books. But after a spell in prison, the troubled star has not acted again.

Au revoir, France! King Charles waves goodbye as he boards plane to head home with Camilla - after enjoying Bordeaux wine and tucking into cheese platter during final day of state visit

King Charles III waved au revoir to France as he boarded a plane (left) to head home with Queen Camilla - after received a rapturous welcome in Bordeaux today where His Majesty enjoyed some cheese (bottom right) and a drink or two (top right) in the wine capital of the world. The King waved to the crowd at the top of they boarded the royal plane at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport as they set to depart for the UK. Their Majesties ended their three-day French state visit in south-west France where September showers failed to dampen their spirits. The King enjoyed a livener or two as he toured a chaotic festival after taking a ride on an electric tram. He was persuaded to have a nip of whisky - made from his own barley - as he went round the stalls in Bordeaux's main square.

Queen Camilla showed her cool after a near run-in with a wasp today, stylishly swatting the insect away. The royal is currently on the final day of a three-day state visit to France with King Charles.

The Duke of York's daughter, 33, made the announcement on the Anti-Slavery Collective's Instagram account, along with co-host Julia de Boinville.

No doubt there are many reasons the Waleses have seen a surge in popularity. There's the dedication to duty. There's the generous good humour. Who wouldn't want to meet them?

King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 76, put on a stylish display as they toured a Navy flight deck in Bordeaux this afternoon, before flying back to the UK.

Captain Mark Phillips turns 75 today. Who is he, and what was his part in the scandal that

It was the first truly modern royal wedding - a spectacle for a television age watched across the land, and in colour! When Princess Anne married Captain  Mark Philips in November 1973 at Westminster Abbey, they set the template for many royal marriages to come, and the public lapped it up. Anne, then 23, was at the height of her glamour while Mark Phillips, was every inch the dashing officer from the Queen's Dragoon Guards and came from a long line of military figures. Phillips, then 25, turns 75 today.



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Stars in the making (but still troublemakers)! Professor whose children went viral when they disrupted his BBC interview reveals they are budding footballers and musicians

Professor Robert E Kelly, who went viral in 2017 when his children burst into his study in his South Korea home while he was live on air in an interview with the BBC, posted an update on Twitter. The father-of-two revealed his daughter Marion is a music protege, and she completed a flute recital earlier this week (left) while his son James (right) is a budding football star. He also shared a photo of the children kidding their mother

In my years of running wine-tasting masterclasses and events, certain queries come up time and time again. Here are the questions I am most often asked:

Today marks the September Equinox, which is also known as astronomical autumn. The sun is directly above the equator and day and night are of equal length - roughly 12 hours each.

This week Prime Minister Rishi Sunak vindicated the Mail's campaign as he administered the required common-sense reality check.

A grandmother has told how she was cooking lunch in the kitchen when an armed gang burst into her Walsall home and held a gun to the head of her 11-year-old grandson.

The monthly purchasing managers' index for September delivered the weakest reading since January 2021.

Professor Linda Allan, whose daughter Katie died in 2018, gave a lengthy statement to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry as it investigates abuse in young offenders' institutions.

Strictly 2022 winner Hamza Yassin's new BBC1 show, Hamza: Strictly Birds Of Prey, starts on Sunday. It sees the nature lover looking at apex predators across the British Isles.

Two alleged 'double killers' men accused of stabbing Leonardo Reid (pictured), 15, and Klevi Shekaj, 23, to death while they filmed a drill rap music video in London have today denied murder.

A bride-to-be has revealed her mom altered her wedding dress without her knowledge because it showed 'too much cleavage.' She took to Reddit to share photos and asked for support.

Inside Britain's Area 51: The secluded RAF base where UFO hunters believe it government

EXCLUSIVE: A former top secret military base dubbed Britain's Area 51 has become a magnet for UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists after lying abandoned for more than 20 years.Fed-up locals have complained that the eerie RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire has been plagued by break-ins after remaining sealed off behind security fences topped with razor wire.

The 74-year-old said he never uses power tools or mows his lawn on a Sunday amid complaints that the 'natural sounds of the earth' have been forgotten about

'Encouraging' lab tests show immunity offered by jabs and previous infection are likely to still protect against the heavily mutated strain, the UK Health Security Agency said today.

The party's deputy leader Daisy Cooper said the proposal - set to be debated at the Lib-Dems' annual conference on Sunday - is a 'very, very small tax' which could help tackle waste.

Netting on pre-packed vegetables and fruit can cost consumers, with the little sack adding 55p to 70p onto the cost of a shopping trip in some stores

The Prime Minister is working on a radical shake-up in education which would see a move to a more continental system, which headteachers have dismissed as meaningless.

A chemical compound described as one of the key building blocks of life was detected by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on the Jupiter moon's frozen surface.

Missouri high school faces a backlash after crowning a transgender student homecoming

Tristan Young, 17, (left) a transgender senior, voted the homecoming queen at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, following the steps of Landon Patterson (inset), a transgender who took the title in 2015.The school has been under fire after it shared photos of Young's crowning and celebrated her honor on social media. 'Another reminder to all girls that men make the best women,' Riley Gaines wrote on X, criticizing Young's crowning. The comments under the school's social media post were divided, with some came to Young's defense and congratulated her.

The Pontiff is in Marseille to preside over the closing session of a gathering of bishops. But he took the opportunity to also remark on European leaders' response to migrants crossing the sea.

A tribunal found that Keith Flavell (left) encouraged his brother, Jeremy (centre) to lie about rows with his neighbours amid selling his home in Surrey to Andrew Fulton (right) and his wife

Trudeau's accusations over the June 18 killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a 45-year-old Sikh separatist, have sparked a widening rift between Canada and India and tit-for-tat of diplomatic expulsions.

Theo's parents were initially told he had a stomach flu, but an MRI scan revealed he had a problem with his cerebellum, and doctors are convinced it is a brain virus.

Mohananeethan Muruganantharajah, known as Mohan, from Swansea, was on holiday in the Brecon Beacons when he died saving two boys from drowning.


Government's secret UFO dump: Border security quietly releases tranche of 10 videos of mysterious 'craft' whizzing around US skies - as ex- intelligence officer says they are a THREAT

US Customs and Border Patrol, the agency responsible for keeping terrorists and weapons out of the country, uploaded 10 videos that appear to show craft moving in strange ways in our skies. Chris Mellon (pictured right) said they were further proof that UFOs pose a 'security threat'. The videos were released on August 9 without warning, a press release or much in the way of context, and were only discovered by UFO enthusiasts and online sleuths this week. The videos document a fighter jet pursued by an apparently baffling flying orb, as well as something that appears to be a propeller-powered hang-glider, and another apparent orb hovering near a parked 16-wheeler truck.

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Gorgeous dresses were paired with elaborate fascinators,  towering heels and plunging necklines as racegoers dressed up in greens, pinks and oranges.

The Bellflower in Garstang - which offers a huge range of treats to keep them well-watered and entertained - won the accolade at the Great British Pub Awards this week.

Pete Davidson, 29, has reportedly sparked up a budding romance with Outer Banks actress, Madelyn Cline, 25 - only one month after his split from Chase Sui Wonders in August.

Lauren Boebert has revealed she has 'peacefully parted ways' with an Aspen bar owner after the pair were caught on camera fondling each other at a Denver performance of Beetlejuice

Hector 'Niño' Guerrero, leader of the Tren de Aragua, enriched himself with up to $3 million a year while he was locked up at the Tocorón Penitentiary Center in Aragua, Venezuela

A tortoise, a boxer dog and a terrier are just some of the animals the Yorkshire vets must contend with as Channel 5 's hit reboot of All Creatures Great & Small returns for a fourth series.

Gisele Bundchen reveals she was 'just surviving' before shock Tom Brady divorce - and is 'now living'... as star details how pair 'grew apart'

Gisele Bundchen (left) has revealed she was 'just surviving' before divorcing Tom Brady (right as a family) - and is 'now living' in her most candid interview about her divorce yet. The 43-year-old started dating the football star, 45, in 2007 and was with him for more than a decade before they confirmed they were divorcing in October 2022. In an upcoming interview with Lee Cowan for CBS News Sunday Morning, the star said she has happily moved into a new era of her life and detailed how the pair 'grew apart' before their split. The former supermodel took a step back from modelling to raise the couple's children and has now returned to the world of high fashion.

UK writer Kathryn Flett is amazed by Channel 5's Secrets of Our Universe with Tim Peake. The budget-busting series features epic photography and stunning locations. Viewers will learn a lot.

CALLAHAN: In a year of messy celeb splits, this bust-up may be the messiest. But it's also the most revelatory: We're watching, in real time, the 'bad mommy' narrative backfire - spectacularly...

The Woman in the Wall is inspired by the real-life Magdalene Laundries, Catholic institutions where Ireland's 'fallen' women were housed and forced to work from the 18th century until as late as 1996.

Taken from the new book by food photographer and blogger Jane Dunn, Jane's Patisserie Everyday, these brilliant sweet and savoury bakes, including donuts and quiches, are perfect for beginners.

Naga Munchetty is left in hysterics as she watches hilarious CCTV video of a man hit in the face by a pigeon

Naga Munchetty was left in hysterics during Friday's BBC Breakfast as she watched a video of a man being hit in the face by a pigeon. The journalist, 48, had tears streaming down her face as she watched the video and joked the makeup team would need to come in and sort her out. Naga's co-host Ben Thompson said: 'I don't know why this amuses me so much. Neither pigeon nor man were hurt. 

The 69-year-old hosted a panel in front of a live audience in New York City as part of Oprah Daily's The Life You Want series in an attempt to 'reframe the obesity and weight crisis.'

Fathers can have a 'unique effect' on their children's development, according to experts at the University of Leeds.

Billy Brannigan (pictured), 61, was accused of assaulting the woman with Chris Agathocleous, 55, after she drunkenly passed out in the room in 1997.

Kevin Conway, Stephanie Alderson and Kathleen Broomfield died within half a mile of each other in South Bank, Middlesbrough between July and September this year.

Incredible moment crocodiles HELP stray dog in their river by nudging it to safety with their noses instead of eating it

A stray dog that was quickly surrounded by three crocodiles as soon as it ran into their river may have thought that it wouldn't survive another minute. But in an astonishing turn of events, two of the crocodiles decided to nudge the young stray, which had jumped into the river to escape a pack of feral dogs, to safety with their snouts. Experts say that instead of devouring the stray dog, the marsh crocodiles 'guided' it away from where the barking pack of dogs were waiting for it on the river bank in the state of Maharashtra, western India.

The two unnamed men got into a scrap at the famous cliff-hanging illusion spot at the top of Pedra do Telegrafo in Brazil after one man got in the way of another's photoshoot on Sunday

Rob Braithwaite, 35, (pictured) was trying to strip his allotment by burning old debris near his home in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire, when he decided to use petrol to start the fire.

During the Culture, Media and Sport Committee said new rules meant that broadcasters could axe programmes that are less commercially viable, such as those about religion and science.

From Big Ben in Peter Pan to the fairytale castle in Frozen: Disney reveals 30 real-world

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, The Walt Disney Company has opened its vaults to reveal a list of 30 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa that have inspired its films and theme parks over the past century. These locations have been revealed in a series of photographs, so fans can compare the real-world attractions with how they've been reinterpreted by Disney's filmmakers and designers.


You have the right to remain cyborg: NYPD's new ROBOT cop that will police city's subways is unveiled by NYC Mayor Eric Adams - in response to rising crime

New York City 's busiest subway station has a new crew member - an almost 400 pound robocop unveiled by NYC Mayor Eric Adams. "We're committed to exploring innovative tools to continue to make this city the safest big city in America, and this robot K5, it has the potential to serve as an important tool in our toolbox," Adams said in a press conference Friday morning. The robot, a product of autonomous security robots developer Knightscope , has four cameras it can use to record video without sound, and moves at 3 mph.

The most desirable item is likely to be part of Mr Cushing's original script for the 1977 blockbuster movie Start Wars, Episode IV - A New Hope. Cushing portrayed Grand Moff Tarkin.

iPhone 15 Pro is put to the ultimate test: Watch the moment Apple's £1,499 flagship smartphone is launched from a highspeed drift car - and miraculously survives the drop

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline's Shivali Best launched Apple's new flagship device out of the window of a highspeed drift car, travelling around a racetrack at 60mph. Despite featuring a new titanium frame, there's no doubt that the iPhone 15 Pro alone would have been obliterated during such a feat. However, this device was protected with a Mous case, and amazingly it survived the drop unscathed.



Hilarious moment EasyJet passengers do a Mexican wave after bride-to-be asks them to help her tick it off her hen do 'Bingo card' list

A video shows the hilarious moment a bride-to-be gets the whole plane involved in her celebrations - by launching into a Mexican wave. Jessica Calam (pictured) had been ready for a special weekend with her hen party last week  and took to the sky to head to Barcelona for her hen do. The 27-year-old from Farnborough, Hampshire was given a series of tasks to complete by her hens whilst they were on holiday. Her first task was to engage the entire plane in a Mexican wave whilst cruising at 30,000 feet which she managed without breaking a sweat. The clip begins with Jessica standing at the front of the plane with a flight attendant named Shelley who begins addressing the passengers through the in-flight communication system. She asks the passengers to get involved - and they are happy to oblige.

The Solar Airship One, developed by engineers in France, is a 495ft-long (150m) balloon vessel that is set to fly over 25 countries in 2026.

A man has been furiously slammed after he asked his twin brother's girlfriend if he was her type - prompting his sibling to accuse him of flirting. He took to Reddit to question if he was in the wrong.

Emotional moment a bride leaves her wedding to surprise her bedbound grandmother at

Jessica Colalillo, 24, and her long-time partner, Adam, 31, both from Canada, said their 'I dos' at an intimate wedding ceremony last month, but the day was marred by the absence of her 'nonna'. Gemma, 88, from Italy, had been 'excited' to see her granddaughter tie the knot, but  a major fall at home left her bedbound, resulting in a long hospital stay. The grandma-of-six couldn't believe her eyes when the newlyweds appeared before her, and immediately became 'hysterical', even remarking how 'beautiful' Jessica looked. (Pictured: Jessica and Adam surprise 'nonna' at hospital on their wedding day)