Lies of P Krat Central Station Walkthrough

Krat Central Station is the tutorial section in Lies of P that tries to acquaint players with the classes and their playstyle. In this guide, we will thoroughly look at everything you can learn and obtain from this prologue area.

Krat Central station is the starting area of Lies of P, and it serves as a tutorial for the game. The whole section revolves around a small train station infested with rogue puppets. Pinocchio or the main character is tasked with taking them out to proceed to Cerasani Alley leading to our main objective, Hotel Krat. 

In this guide, we will look at all the starter classes for your character in the game. Central Station in Lies of P also offers some unique items that you can equip to increase your defense or throw them at your enemies for some extra damage. We will cover everything there is to find in the Central Station area of the game.

How to complete Lies of P Krat Central Station

The game starts with a unique voice raising Pinocchio from its slumber and asking him to reach Hotel Krat. He is inside a tram and needs to leave it as soon as possible. There is a glowing lantern at the end of the bogey that houses Gemini the cricket. He will serve as your companion throughout the game. Interact with the glowing object on the counter at the end of the bogey.

Once you interact with the counter, you will be given the choice to select your class of choice. There are three classes to choose from in the game. Balance, Dexterity and Strength. As the name implies, the first one is the best of both worlds, the dexterity class is lightweight while the strength class is heavyweight. I decided to stick with Balance for the time being as you can change your class by investing in different skills at the Stargazers/Hotel Krat

Now enter the Central Krat Station in Lies of P by leaving the tram. You will meet two rogue puppets here that you can easily take down. Interact with the glowing object to obtain Sawtoothed Wheel. This item can be equipped on any belt and can be used to throw at enemies.

Pass through the open door and interact with the purple glowing object at the foot of the statue to obtain Pulse Cell. This cell serves to restore your health but has limited uses per rest (3 for now).


Climb the stairs to the left and defeat another puppet to obtain Dim Ergo Fragment from the bench. This item grants 100 ergos in the game (the main currency). Defeat the next puppet and climb up the stairs to try to open the door. It is locked and you need to defeat a special puppet who is carrying the Krat Central station key in Lies of P.

How to find the Krat Central Station key

From the stairs of the locked door turn right to enter a room. There are two enemies here, one with a gun. Defeat them and go to the right to enter the toilet area. Beware of the ambush. Interact with the glowing object on the floor to obtain Thermite. It serves as a firebomb when thrown at an enemy.

Return to the previous section and climb the stairs to enter the next area. This will take you to the gallery area of the Krat Central Station.

Defeat the enemy by approaching it slowly from behind and using a critical strike. Keep going forward and interact with the next glowing object to obtain the Passenger’s Note. Defeat the rest of the enemies in this area (3 of them) and proceed to obtain the second Dim Ergo Fragment from a small room.

Make your way down to see a massive puppet beating something in the corner of the room. We recommend that you go straight and open the shortcut door before engaging this mini-boss and collect the Fable Catalyst while you are at it.

The mini boss is the one carrying the Krat Central Station key. It is not that difficult to defeat if you can block at the exact moment of impact. This puppet also uses 3-move combos if you get in closer and try to be greedy.

Keep your distance and inflict as much damage as possible in the meantime. Make sure to restore your weapon’s durability too. Once you defeat the enemy, you will receive the Krat Central Station Main Entrance key and Workshop Union Lightweight Frame in Lies of P.

The latter item can be equipped from the defense parts to increase your resistance to physical damage. Collect the final item Sawtooth Wheel from the dead body. 

With the key in your hand, you can now unlock the main door to reach Krat Central Station Plaza and find your first Stargazer in the game. It allows you to use Ergo to upgrade your stats and completely refill your health and Pulse Cell charges. This marks the end of the opening sequence in Lies of P.

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