Starfield Eye Of The Storm Walkthrough

The Eye of the Storm is a pivotal mission in Starfield. This is where you either side with the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef.

Eye of the Storm is one of the most pivotal missions in Starfield where players will have to make tough decisions that will affect their entire storyline.

As you venture through this mission, you’ll have to make your way through heists, heavy battles, and life-changing decisions. Moreover, this Starfield Faction quest also requires players to escape The Legacy.

Players will have to choose whether to side with the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef in a double-sided game. Your choices will hold great significance in how the storyline of your game proceeds.  

Although this mission can be quite overwhelming, this walkthrough will help you Ace your way through it. So, let’s get started.

How to unlock the Eye of the Storm mission

The Eye of the Storm in Starfield starts on the Planet Kryx in the Suvorox system after you have completed the Absolute Power mission.

The quest begins in The Key, one of the system’s most hostile and dangerous areas. Unlocking the Eye of the Storm requires players to complete the Absolute Power mission.


How to complete Eye of the Storm in Starfield

As you go through The Eye of the Storm in Starfield, you’ll go through a series of events that will eventually require you to choose an Allegiance either with the UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet.

By reaching this point, you may already have made up your mind on who to side with. That being said, , this walkthrough will explain all the narratives and clear any remaining doubts for you to go through this mission swiftly.

Speak with Jazz to modify your ship

After completing the previous mission, you’ll continue the story and find your way to Jazz’s Ship Services location, where you must find Delgado and speak to him.

You’ll be told about the venture to Bannoc 4. As you’re going through the conversation, Jazz (the engineer of the Crimson Fleet) will walk you through the Ship’s construction.

You’ll have to install the Conduction Grid Module and the ComSpike Module on your Ship as you prepare to retrieve Kryx’s Legacy from Bannoc IV.

Moreover, you will also be tasked with uploading the Genedyne data. Ask Jazz to help you modify your Ship and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Ship Builder Mode
  2. Click on Add
  3. Find your way to Equipment
  4. Over here, you’ll be able to find ComSpike and Conduction Grid. Select both individually to install them on the Ship.
  5. Once the modification is complete, you can head out from here.
Modify the ship with Jazz's help in Starfield.

Once you’re done modifying the Ship and installing new components, you must find your way to UC Vigilance and talk to Kibwe Ikande to inform him what the Crimson Fleet plans to do.

You’ll be able to find Commander Kibwe in the Operations Center. Let him know about the Crimson Fleet’s move. Prepare to head to Bannoc 4 now.

Head to Bannoc 4

Your next move will be to set the course for Bannoc IV. This is located in the Bannoc Star System, and you might have to travel through a few systems to reach this destination.

We recommend that you equip plenty of ammo and digipicks, as you’ll need them during your adventure. Most importantly, have a lot of healing items for when you will be escaping the Legacy — more on that later.

You’ll be faced with an electromagnetic storm inside the Bannoc system, but your latest modifications to the Ship will keep you safe. You’ll face giant gas clouds that obscure your vision and make navigating difficult.

Regardless of all that, you’ll eventually receive an Unknown Signal, which you must follow. This signal will lead you to the Legacy spaceship, and you’ll have to find a way to dock and board it. This is where your mission mainly begins, so prepare for a major heist you’re about to set off on.

Board the Legacy

As you land on Legacy, you’ll notice it is an abandoned Ghost Ship that is completely in ruins, with corpses and robot junk everywhere.

Follow the waypoint to get to the Transfer Module Lock. You must find the Transfer module beside a corpse in this area to unlock it. Be ready to face Robot enemies and turrets as you travel across the Ship.

Venturing through the Ship will lead you across multiple voice logs, which will give you a clue of what has happened here.

You’ll come across the GBLR 009, GBLR 008, and GBLR 007. You’ll have to proceed forward to find the Vault Control Center, which is your next objective.

As you make your way through the bleak halls, you will come across the first Control Center with a Transfer Module lock.

You’ll be able to find a corpse in the area with a Transfer Module that can be used to gain access to the Control Center.

Access the Credtank (optional)

You can follow the objective marker to reach the Credtank. This is going to give you around 4600 Credits. You do not need to worry about getting a bounty on your head or reducing your relationship affinity with your companions. Since the ship is abandoned, taking the Credtank credits does not count as stealing.

Enter the Vault

You must find your way to the Vault Room. As you come to a sealed door, stepping through will trigger the security system, and you’ll have to battle robots and turrets to make your way to the Physical Plant. From here on, head downstairs to reach the Vault Room, which will be sealed.

You’ll have to find an alternate way to gain entrance to the Vault Control Room. One way to do this is to head through the Engine Room, where you’ll have to fight your way across an army of robots.

Soon, you’ll reach a door with a computer terminal. Access the computer to unlock the door and gain entrance inside to reach a Large room.

Recover Jasper Kryx’s possessions

As you head into the Vault Control Room, you’ll come across the Crimson Fleet idol. This room houses the final resting place of Jasper Kryx, the founder of Crimson Fleet.

You’ll be able to find audio logs along with a legendary gun called the Revenant. You’ll also find the GalBank Transfer Module next to the corpse of Jasper.

To get your next objective, you must find the “GBLR011: The Waiting Game’ audio log and listen to it. The Audio will direct you to reroute the Ship’s power.

You’ll be able to find two Power Override Control switches in this room, and you must activate them both to power up everything.

Next, you must place both Transfer Modules into the Transfer Module Lock switches and the Data Core into the Data Core Port to download Credit Reserves. Once this is done, prepare for a traumatic escape from the Legacy.

Escape the Legacy

After interacting with the Data Core, Havoc will be released, and explosions will start eating up the Legacy. You’ll have to prepare to escape the Ship as soon as possible.

The whole environment of the Ship will change, and bursting flames will be there to devour you. You must find your way back to your Ship to avoid a suffocating death.  

Do note that you are going to be continuously taking damage over time. This is why we recommended beforehand to have a lot of healing items in your inventory before boarding the Legacy.

Run back the way you came, fight off robots, and get into your Ship to escape the exploding Legacy Ship. You’ll face many hurdles along the way, which you must overcome.

As soon as you reach your Ship, undock and take off to escape the Legacy in Eye of the Storm in Starfield.

Should you betray Delgado or Ikande?

Before you can Grav Jump to escape the Legacy in the Eye of the Storm, you will be forced to betray either Delgado of the Crimson Fleet or Commander Ikande of the UC SysDef in Starfield.

This is probably one of the most important and narrative-changing decisions you make in the entire game.

The options to either side with the UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet come with their own set of consequences and perks. You need to know exactly what happens with each choice before making the final decision.

Choice 1: Betray Delgado (side with UC SysDef)

If you decide to stick with Commander Ikande and the UC SysDef, you will have to take on the Crimson Fleet in a space battle.

You will also have to deal with Delgado where you can either persuade him or kill him. If you go for this choice, you will lose access to The Key.

The perks include you earning the UC SysDef uniform. Moreover, it is important to know that most of your companions will approve of this decision of yours. On top of all that, you’ll be rewarded with 250,000 credits.

Choice 2: Betray Ikande (side with Crimson Fleet)

Siding with the Crimson fleet will put you through a battle with the UC SysDef. Moreover, you’ll encounter Ikande, who you can either persuade or kill. Most of your companions will not approve of this choice of yours.

The perks include maintaining access to the Key. Moreover, your access to the Crimson Fleet Mission Board will be upheld. And last but not least, you’ll gain a massive 250,000 credit reward.

Starfield – Eye of the Storm bugs and fixes

There is reportedly a bug near the end of the Eye of the Storm mission where players must reroute the Ship’s power. This requires you to move a module and interact with two switches, initiating the transfer process.

At times, the transfer process just sort of hangs and never gets finished due to bugs. Players have also complained of getting stuck during the transfer process as they activate the Vault door. Moreover, users have also experienced crashes, latency, and audio cuts.

You can try out the following solutions to fix the bugs and glitches in Eye of the Storm in Starfield:

  • If you experience a glitch, you can try reloading a save from the game.
  • You can quit the game and relaunch from the last save you made in this mission.
  • Attempt saving the game when you’re facing a bug. If successful, restart the game and head back to your last save.
  • Best Solution: Save the game before you run into this section of the mission.

Starfield – Eye of the Storm mission rewards

You’ll gain multiple rewards for completing the Eye of the Storm Faction in Starfield. These include:

  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 8400
  • Legendary Revenant Gun
  • 250,000 Credit Reward for completion of choosing an allegiance with either UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet.

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