How To Get Operative Suit in Starfield?

Stealth prevents you from being detected by the enemies in Starfield and you can improve that by wearing the Operative Suit.

The Operative Suit is one of the best-looking apparel in Starfield. It makes its wearer 25 percent sneakier and harder to detect by the enemies. Stealth in this game can be somewhat wonky, which is a shame, as stealth playthroughs are usually more fun to pull off. So, anything that contributes to helping you do sneaky gameplay is welcome, even if it is just a 25% buff.

You will find this suit while playing through a mission in the game. Once you complete it, you can get your hands on this wonderful suit.

Getting the Operative Suit in Starfield

You can obtain the Operative Suit while pursuing the Sabotage mission in Ryujin Industries mission in Starfield.

Interact with Ryujin Industries Kiosk

To get started, you must seek and interact with one of Ryujin Industries Kiosk terminals. You can find these in Neon as well as New Atlantis in Starfield. We recommend starting from Neon, as the next step will be performed there anyway.

Attend the Interview to start the questline

Once you enter the terminal, select Job Application and mention your work experience. Make sure to provide appropriate answers to the next couple of questions. You can select options such as a Master’s Degree and 10+ years of working experience in a corporate environment.

Immediately after that, you will have to attend an interview. This begins the long Ryujin Industries questline, which has 13 parts until completion.


Pursue the Sabotage mission to obtain Operative Suit

The Ryujin questline will have you work your way through their ranks and conduct corporate espionage. Conversely, you will usually be compensated with credits for each task you complete. You can actually make a fair bit of credits if you complete this particular questline. This can be useful when you are farming for credits in Starfield.

To acquire the Operative Suit, you must make it to the mission Sabotage. This is the second to last quest in the questline. Here, you will talk to Ularu and receive the Operative Suit from her. On top of that, you will also receive the Operative Helmet from her.

Operative Suit stats in Starfield

The Operative Suit has the following stats:

Damage ResistanceEnvironmental Resistance
Physical: 19Airborne: 0
Energy: 29Corrosive: 10
Electromagnetic: 9Thermal: 0
Radiation: 15
Starfield Operative Suit stats table

These stats indicate that this armor piece is quite squishy. It provides little to no benefit in terms of physical or environmental resistance. However, its prominent perk is that you will become 25% harder to detect while wearing this suit.

It is entirely possible to stop at this stage without completing the questline. You can take the suit and have it permanently unlocked for future use. However, we recommend completing the questline as it gives you 13500 credits and 350 XP.

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