How To Get X989 Microgun In Starfield

The X989 Microgun in Starfield allows you to literally shred humans and aliens alike with its insane fire rate and damage.

Miniguns are a force to be reckoned with in any game. They have a high fire rate, they can blow vehicles up and rip through enemies, and look cool as hell. Miniguns, or microguns as they are called in Starfield, are heavy weapons that players can get for themselves, and the rarer variant of the basic microgun in Starfield is the X989 Microgun Exterminator.

The Starfield X989 Microgun is a beefed-up version of the basic microgun with higher damage against aliens and some extra built-in weapon modification, and most players will want to get their hands on it. This is why we are here to help you find the X-989 Microgun.

Starfield X989 Microgun Location

If you want to get the X-989 Microgun, you need to start the UC Vanguard faction questline in Starfield. During the questline, you will get the quest Hostile Intelligence. The quest takes you to Toliman System, to planet Toliman II. Once you land on the planet, go left from the landing pad to reach Base 441.

Here, you need to talk to Commander Hatoum for the next part of the quest. After the conversation, Hatoum will grant you access to the base’s armory. Leave the briefing room and enter the door where the optional quest marker points.

Once in the armory, you can pick up the X-989 Microgun for the mission, and from here, you can just keep it as your own. The armory also has the Anti-Xeno legendary armor on a table so make sure to pick that up as well.

Make sure to get as much ammo as you can for X-989 Microgun. The gun will shoot 350 bullets per minute and you will find yourself out of bullets for the gun quite often.


X-989 Microgun stats

Let us look at what stats X-989 Microgun offers to the players:

  • Type: Ranged weapon 
  • Class: Ballistic Weapon 
  • Damage Type: Physical 
  • Damage: 10
  • Ammo Type: 7.77mm 
  • BPS/FR: 360 
  • Range: 40m 
  • Weight: 12.30kg 
  • Value: 13519 credits 
  • Mod Slots: 6
  • Accuracy: 67.2%

Other than this, the X-989 Microgun also has an additional rare effect, Exterminator. This effect allows you to deal 30% extra damage when shooting aliens using the X-989 Microgun.

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