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Gabby Petito's Case: What The Media Didn't Tell You

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The Case of Gabby Petito: A Crime Sage Gone Viral.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Who is Gabby Petito?
02:17 How This All Started
02:51 August 12th | Warning Signs
03:37 Van Life Channel Premiers
04:05 Rising Concern
06:54 Manhunt And An Unfortunate Discovery in Wyoming
07:56 Things Social Media Users Noticed That Raise Questions
08:57 Missing White Girl Syndrome
10:27 What Now?

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VAN LIFE | Beginning Our Van Life Journey

Every year, more than half a million people go missing in the United States of America. On average, that is a little over 1600 missing people per day. The stats are alarming, but they raise a fundamental question about what became one of 2021s most reported news stories. With so many people going missing, what makes the case of Gabby Petito any different? Why did the case of Gabby Petito become that one in a million that sparked national conversation and concern?

In the space of a week, Gabby Petito was mentioned on Fox News 398 times, CNN 346, MSNBC over a 100, and countless other stories across various news outlets, both print and digital. The numbers are staggering, and people are just wondering, why? Nobody really knows the answer, not even the media itself, but this is what we do know.

We’re going to be diving into the person who was Gabby Petito, how her story starts and ends, her viral missing and later homicide case, the prime suspect, and what this all says about the media. There is the silent part of this entire sage, a part the media is barely saying out loud about how they exposed a subtle, perhaps unintentional bias.

This is the story of Gabby Petito, a love story, lies, abuse, and ultimately murder.

Who is Gabby Petito?

Gabby Venora Petito was born on March 19th 1999, in Blue Point, New York. The eldest of six siblings and half-siblings, Gabby was known as a kind-hearted girl. Nothing about her life was anything other than ordinary. She was raised in the same town she was born, went to Bayport-Blue Point High School, and graduated in 2017. It’s Bayport-Blue Point High School where she met the man who’d change her life, Brian Laundrie.

The two began dating in March of 2019, and later that year, they moved to North Port, Florida, where they moved in with Brian’s parents. When the pandemic hit, Petito and Laundry got engaged, and in August, they set off on an adventure. This adventure was considered a dream come true. The idea was to travel the United States in a converted camper to see the country they called home. Gabby would document the trip on her Instagram, and the two would create a Youtube channel to share their adventures with the world. Nobody could have foreseen what would be the case, not even a month after departing.

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